Paola's love of movies and television as a child led her to the understanding that the skill of visual storytelling comes from an intuitive blend of artistry and technical know-how, so she became a certified Adobe Premiere nonlinear editor at only seventeen years old. She went on to earn a bachelor's degree in television production and a film studies certificate from Florida International University. 
Paola began her career in filmmaking at Explica Media in 2017 while working on documentaries. "Making it in America" began as a documentary mini-series highlighting Florida-based immigrant entrepreneurs. It had distribution on television on local PBS and online through many newspaper sites throughout the state. But Paola had a larger vision so she took all the footage and created a feature-length documentary by the same name that was later televised nationally on PBS. As an associate producer, Paola also worked on "The Return of the Panther," a documentary about the recovery of the Florida Panther from near-extinction. It went on to become an award-winning short documentary film with several official selections throughout the Florida film festival circuit. 
"Lustrum," a narrative short film co-directed by Paola Flores and her long-time collaborator, Michael Lozano, has garnered several official selection laurels and award-winning attention in the Florida film festival circuit. Their narrative short film debut earned them local and national distribution in Season 2 of South Florida PBS's "Film-Maker" series.
Paola moved to Atlanta in 2019 for a production assistant position with CNN where she edited news packages and other news content for digital distribution and television broadcast for all CNN channels (Domestic, International, Español, and HLN) and CNN's news wire service for affiliate channels throughout the U.S.

Paola is currently at turner studios as an ad sales editor apprentice in atlanta.
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